Australian Bush Flower Calm & Clear Drops 30ml
  • Australian Bush Flower Calm & Clear Drops are recommended to help overcome impatience, rushing, worry and a tendency to overcommit. The Calm & Clear Drops have been skillfully blended to help you find time for one’s self, winding down and relaxation without external pressures and demands.

    A nature-inspired blend of 8 flower essences: 
Black-eyed Susan for slowing down, inner stillness and peace.
Boronia for clarity, serenity and creative visualization.
Bottlebrush for serenity and calm, ability to cope and move on.
Bush Fuchsia for courage to speak out, clarity and staying in touch with intuition.
Crowea for peace, calm and clarity.
Jacaranda for decisiveness, quick thinking and centering.
Little Flannel Flower for joy, playfulness and being carefree.
Paw Paw for assimilation of new ideas, calmness and clarity.
This natural remedy is not intended to replace a medical treatment or diagnosis.
  • Biogenic flower essences, purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system.
  • Easy to Use: Just 7 drops under the tongue.

Australian Bush Flower Calm & Clear Drops 30ml

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